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Clinton and Bush

October 3, 2012

Bill Clinton and George Bush reveal their friendship when they appear together on TV. So it seems, at least. Perhaps they will cause world peace together but something is odd about this caucus of ex presidents. It is as though Clinton has embraced the devil vs the rehabilitation of Bush. The presidential campaign costs 3 billion dollars and yet this could swing voters, but which way is anyone’s guess. It is democracy in a bottle, diplomatic sages warning the next generation of bucks about to debate with each other.

Republican Lies

August 31, 2012

The Republicans are running with Romney and Ryan. After a lame introduction by Clint Eastwood – Romney gave a speech that has been noted for being fairly lacklustre. And what about the presumptive VP nominee Paul Ryan. He seems to be just there for the 1% and tells lies to the rest of us.

Read Prof Juan Cole’s analysis.

Senator Jesse Helms

July 4, 2008

Former Sen. Jesse Helms, who built a career along the fault lines of racial politics and battled liberals, Communists and the occasional fellow Republican during 30 conservative years in Congress, died on the Fourth of July.

He was 86.

Helms died at 1:15 a.m., said the Jesse Helms Center at Wingate University in North Carolina. The center’s president, John Dodd, said in a statement that funeral arrangements were pending.