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Predicting the political events that shake the world
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The War on Drugs has failed. It has failed me, it has probably failed you and it has failed a huge number of people in this world. It fails to reduce drug use, the addiction and enslavement of youth, it fails to save the lives of those who are savaged by its most vicious teeth. [...]

Climate changes are directly affecting the wealth and well being of the world. Meantime educational advisers to the Government are asking that Climate Change be removed from the Science curriculum to make more room for core science. Climate change denial is based in an addiction to petrol. It goes outside of the sphere of allowable [...]

Image from Ourplanet.org Climate change is rapidly moving from an effect in nature we can control into one which we have no hope of restraining. The destructive power of weather has been felt in the USA with recent tornadoes and as the weight of the atmosphere increases these events may grow in intensity and frequency, [...]

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slate.com Al Qaeda without its leader is not the same idea as it was. The recent release of Osama bin Laden’s posthumous recording celebrating the victory of democracy in Muslim countries does not reflect the strict objective of Sharia Law. But the unnatural governments like Gaddafi and the Baathist regime in Syria are perceived as [...]

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America has executed its most troublesome creation, Osama bin Laden. The certain gravity in events unfolding in a slow considered perhaps even timed manner could not have been more definite and precise as Barrack Obama announced to the world that Terrorist Prime, Osama was no more. Events that unfolded bore the marks of a glacier [...]

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What exactly is the US Economy? US dollars have been absorbed as a default means of exchange absorbing a huge number of dollars (compared to many other currencies), so as quantitative easing introduces more liquidity into an already inflated market, pressure to convert these holdings into other currencies will arise. Will the dollar hit a [...]

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Take a moment to reflect upon the great beauty of our world, our location in space and the reasons why it is important to protect nature from pollution, war and the uncontrollable spread of human population. Disturbing Trends presents The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo. div#sidebar { display:none; } #film { text-align:center; font-style:italic; width:800px; [...]

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Society loves to judge. We love to relax in our armchairs, donning the wisdom of a consumer and wallow in our sacred opinion. Especially when it comes to the taboo subjects as explored in this article in the Sunday Sun. Young boys are buying sex from old men in public toilets “in the North”. It [...]

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Diary (2010) from Tim Hetherington on Vimeo. A casualty of the Libyan civil war, photographer and film maker compiled this extraordinary clip last year. He was killed in Misrata after Gaddafi’s troups started attacking the city. Hetherington is not just an extraordinary journalist, but has a brilliant eye and his camera work in this film [...]

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Mobile phone operating systems contain a file which locates your geo location against time. That in itself, if the data is publicly accessible would enable Governments to, for example, target specific people for whatever purpose. More disturbing than this is Apple’s whole year recording in a file of a persons daily routine, which when it [...]

‘The attempt to steer large social groups toward a particular behavior or cause has long been the province of lobbyists, whose “astroturfing” seeks to camouflage their campaigns as genuine grassroots efforts, and company employees who pose on Internet message boards as unbiased consumers to tout their products.’ At times it seems the entire world is [...]

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The rhetoric of hatred dictates that the enemy be subjugated to the will of the oppressor. This American Reverend believes that he has a right to burn the holy book of another people as a political act, and the consequence is that some mad crazy young fanatics unleash the disgust and violence dictated to them [...]